5 Sep

I’m currently waged in a battle against one hell of an enemy. The most frustrating part is that my current enemy is my biggest friend and allay in this world. My body is not happy with me and I’m not happy with it. Specifically, something in my hamstring or IT band region seems mighty pissed off.

My regular routine of running about 3 times a week and doing yoga nearly everyday is currently on hold. It’s been about a week of rest and I was hoping this would take care of the issue. No dice. Things were doing better and then today, things seem way worse.

The problem is I can’t quite figure out what is wrong so I have no idea how to fix it. That’s why I was hoping rest for a week would take care of it. My main problem is pain towards the back of my knee and in my butt region. It’s almost as if whatever connects those areas down my hamstring is the issue. I can’t seem to figure it out. The bigger issue, however, is not my physical health but my mental health. I’m going insane.

I’ve always said that running is my cheap therapy. It gives me time to myself where I’m accomplishing something just for me with nothing to worry about except putting one foot in front of the other. The recent addition of a steady yoga practice has done amazing things for me mentally as well. I’ve found a new sense of calm that I didn’t know I had. Without the ability to run or practice yoga, my mind is struggling to maintain it’s sense of peace.

I’ve tried occupying my time in other ways but nothing brings me the happiness and sense of fulfillment that exercising does. I’m having a hard time understanding how anyone can live happily without working out. I believe everything happens for a reason so perhaps this time is meant for me to find other ways to maintain my health both physically and mentally without the benefits of exercise. This may be the case but I am not happy about it. I’m definitely fighting, but my body is winning.

Love and running,
Let’s chat: What do you do when you’re forced to take a break from exercise? How do you occupy your time and keep yourself healthy?


One Response to “Fighting”

  1. Christine Feeney December 8, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    Watch a ton of television…not healthy but it keeps my mind off eating!

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