A Girl’s Daddy

9 Sep

Today is my dad’s birthday. He’s been a member of AARP for quite awhile now. “Over the hill” was over 20 years ago. This year marks 63. He’s not ashamed to say it. He’s quite proud.

His father died at 58 of prostate cancer. I think that number was always in the back of his head. Just make it to 58. I think that birthday he finally let out that sigh of relief he had been hoping for for years. Every year past that has been a bonus. Having said that, my dad doesn’t seem 63 to me. Remember when 63 seemed ancient? Now it just seems like no big deal. My granddaddy would say he’s a “spring chicken.” Of course he’d say that up until about age 90, since Grandaddy made it to 94.

I really believe I won the parental lottery. I don’t know what I did in a previous life to deserve such wonderful parents, but I’m glad I did.

My dad is one of the coolest people I know.

At football games he gives high-fives to everyone around us and talks strategies with the guys next to him. No, he doesn’t know them. Now they’re best friends.

[insert picture of dad at fball game here]

At weddings he’s the first on the dance floor.  He stays there all night. He’ll pull out the twist, swim, moonwalk, and makes some damn good mashed potatoes. If you don’t want to be dragged on to the dance floor, then you better stay out of his way. He’s the king.

[insert picture of dad dancing or at wedding here]

At family reunions he’s the only adult out on the lake playing with the kids. Teaching cousins how to ski. Pulling little cousins in the giant tube. Showing how to get up on a wake board when the twenty-somethings can’t.

[insert picture of dad on lake here]

We go to a festival in my hometown and he’s worse than a politician. We are stopped every 5 minutes by someone he knows. Not me, not my mom, not my sister. My dad. Mr. Popularity.

[insert pic of dad at Lakefest or with friends here]

That’s my Pops! And today we get to celebrate him and all of his fabulousness. He deserves it! Happy Birthday Pops!

Love and celebration,


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