14 Sep

I’m writing this post a bit late (as I tend to do), but it’s something I’ve wanted to write about for a while. I remember this day often.

Back in August, I was having a rough week. On top of being incredibly busy with work and school just starting, my air conditioning went out. In Wilmington, NC. In August. It was 100 degrees. No lie. I came home to find the house rather steamy one night after yoga. I’m guessing it was off for a while but I didn’t really notice it until it was getting close to bedtime, when I always turn the air up a bit for comfy sleepy weather.  So it’s 83 degrees in my house and about 80 outside. Yes, at night. Buddy and I didn’t get much sleep.

I got up the next morning and as I was getting ready for work I dropped my I’ll never admit how expensive it is hair dryer. Broken. Just like that. This is not looking good. I head off to work with the house still at 80 degrees. I know that if the AC guys can’t come out today I’m going to have to get Bud a place to stay so he’s not suffering during the middle of the day when it was supposed to reach 110 with the heat index. Yowzers.

Luckily the AC guy was able to come that day and luckily I was able to leave work to take care of it. Naturally I’m still in a pissy mood, but things are looking up. It just so happens that in the 2-hour time span I was at home my new MacBook Pro was delivered. Good thing. They make you sign for it and I had no clue how I was going to handle it, knowing I wouldn’t be around during the day to sign. Again, things are getting better.

About that time the repairman says he’s done and hands me a bill for $375. This house is 18 months old. The “board” went out he says. In less than 2 years? And it’s not covered by warranty? WHAT?! My mood is back to square one. I pay the man because I’m just so thrilled to have air again and I have a meeting at work I have to get back to. But I’m ticked. How is none of this covered under warranty?

So back to work I go and I manage to call my building company and some how, after much complaining on my part and by the grace of the construction gods, they say they’ll reimburse me for my expenses. I don’t question it.

Later that afternoon I have to leave the office yet again (please don’t let these people fire me) to get my blood checked for my thyroid. I have hypothyroidism. Basically it means my thyroid doesn’t produce as much as it should and it has various side effects that are less than pleasant. When you have thyroid issues you have to go on daily medication, which you must maintain for the rest of your life. The rest of my life. Ugh. I don’t like taking medicine for things. I prefer the all-natural route. So it annoys me every single time I have to go in for my annual check up or my various visits for blood work. Due to all of these events in a very short period of time, I’m not a happy camper. I go in, get my blood checked, and am heading out the door finally.

So there I am, gruffy mc. Gruff, waiting for the elevator at the doctor’s office and in steps a young woman who must be about my age. She’s incredibly thin, wearing a bandana to cover the peach fuzz on her head, and just came out of the same office. She gets on the elevator with me and is crying. I wanted to say something, but couldn’t think of one thing that was appropriate in this situation. So I stood there. And instead of saying anything to her, I said a thank you to the universe and simultaneously sent her a silent wish of strength.

I thanked the universe for sending me a reminder that my life isn’t so bad. A crappy air conditioner and broken hair dryer seem unbelievably petty to some of the bigger struggles in life. Life is good. Sometimes we just need a little perspective.

Love and gratefulness,


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