Weiner Dog Races

15 Oct

Yep. You read that right. That’s not a misprint.

Today was Oktoberfest at a local restaurant and every year they have Weiner dog races as part of the celebration. Buddy and I have yet to make it to this glorious event so we decided that this was the year he would make he debut in the racing circuit. I equally anticipated him winning the event and just sitting there licking his rear end.

He did not disappoint.

oktoberfest weiner dog

The organizers set up a small runway of sorts and the dogs run in heats of 3 or 4. I’ve never seen so many dachshunds before in my life. It was fantastic! I’ve decided there needs to be an official group in town, but that’s another subject. When it was Buddy’s turn he went to the start line with my friend Haley and watched me walk to the finish line with a tennis ball in hand. At first he was quite upset to see me walking away and seemed determined to break away from Haley’s grasp. That is, until about the time the guy yelled, “Go!” That was about the time that Buddy got completely distracted and more interested in what was going on at the start line than me at the finish line.

Eventually he looked up and began galloping (you couldn’t qualify it as a run) after the other 2 dogs. He was definitely more interested in playing than running. When he did eventually make it to the finish line, he ran right past me and into the crowd then proceeded to run all over the festival while everyone pointed and remarked how cute he was. Want to know what wasn’t cute? That would be his mother running manically behind him shouting, “somebody stop that dog!” I was able to catch up with him eventually. After he had already made a spectacle of him mom of course.

That was when I decided Buddy was just like his momma… he’s a distance runner. And he’s Mr. Congeniality.

Buddy and me at Oktoberfest

Doesn't he look so happy to be the center of attention?

You see, Bud was there representin the Hokies today. He was sporting his VT football jersey and was definitely getting the most attention. He also met lots of Hokies we haven’t met before. He got his picture taken a lot and got more attention than he could handle.

So we have a lot of training to do for next year, but I’m proud of my little guy. No barking, no fighting with other dogs, and no biting off little kids’ fingers. That’s what I call a success.

Doggie lovin,
Proud Mama


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