World Vegan Day

1 Nov

Today is World Vegan Day! Celebrate!

world vegan day picture

I’m not completely vegan, but I believe we all have a vegan in us that’s just hibernating. It’s up to you to get her out! Lately I’ve noticed that when I’m at home I cook without animal products. This is just something that’s naturally occurred over time and that I enjoy. When I go out, however, I’ll partake in animal products without guilt or worry over whether there’s milk hiding somewhere in a dish (random vent: why do people feel the need to put milk or butter in everything under the sun!? there are better ways!) What I’d like to discuss today though is really just the negative reactions that this lifestyle seems to produce. What’s up with that kids?!

I’ve had many reactions to people learning about how I choose to eat. The most interesting thing to me is the strong opinions I’ve encountered along the way. Upon learning that I choose not to eat meat, I’ve had several people say things such as, “at least you’re not vegan, ugh”, “please don’t become vegan”, and “why in the world would you want to do that to yourself”. How odd. 

I don’t quite get the quick reactions and negative feelings. What exactly is wrong with choosing not to eat animals? What is wrong with paying more attention to what I’m putting in my body? Shouldn’t we all be doing the same thing? What is wrong with trying to practice more compassion in life, towards all living things? Why do I get put on trial for doing so? Again, odd.

In these situations, it’s a bit hard for me to stay off of the soapbox. In general, I try not to preach and only answer the questions people ask of me, rather than launch into my whole spiel about the topic du’ jour. This becomes extremely hard when I’m met with comments such as those above and blank stares. What I have learned though is that most people have never researched things such as their food. Most people choose not to think about what exactly is going into their food and into their bodies. It’s just easier not to. It’s also easier not to question the world around us. It’s easier to go with the flow. It’s easier to eat whatever everyone else is having.

Well folks, my parents will be the first ones to tell you, I ain’t never been easy.

I choose to be “difficult”. I choose to be “weird”. I choose to do what makes me feel at my best. I choose to educate myself about my choices. I choose to go against the grain and do what I know is best for me. And from here on out, I choose to ignore the negative comments and looks. I will choose, instead, to give them the opportunity to learn about my choice. I will give them the opportunity to choose to educate themselves and not be so quick to judge. In return, I will respect their choices and strive to make no judgments myself.

Man, this is going to be tough. And people think being vegan is tough. HA!

Love, acceptance, and all living things,

Let’s chat: How are you celebrating World Vegan Day? Are you one who has negative associations with veganism? Why?  


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