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The Human Advice Complex

9 Jan

Over my Christmas vacation I was talking with my parents about some of my goals and hopes for the future. The conversation turned to my career. Somewhere during this conversation, our communication broke down. I was trying to tell them my plans for the future and they were trying to give me some guidance. The conversation really broke down when my dad just kept repeatedly saying “you don’t listen to me.” His frustration was obvious.

Unfortunately this is where our conversation ended. I wasn’t willing to then try and listen to him, which caused more frustration from him. Here’s what I didn’t say and should have: “you don’t listen to me” was a favorite phrase of my ex.  He liked to utilize it often. He used it at the most inopportune times. Rather than offering a shoulder to cry on. Rather than expressing empathy. Rather than just being there for me with his support. The immediate response was always “you don’t listen to me.” Hearing these words from my dad in exactly the same tone made me snap. Well that was part of it.

The other part? Who in the hell asked you for your opinion in the first place?!

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World Vegan Day

1 Nov

Today is World Vegan Day! Celebrate!

world vegan day picture

I’m not completely vegan, but I believe we all have a vegan in us that’s just hibernating. It’s up to you to get her out! Lately I’ve noticed that when I’m at home I cook without animal products. This is just something that’s naturally occurred over time and that I enjoy. When I go out, however, I’ll partake in animal products without guilt or worry over whether there’s milk hiding somewhere in a dish (random vent: why do people feel the need to put milk or butter in everything under the sun!? there are better ways!) What I’d like to discuss today though is really just the negative reactions that this lifestyle seems to produce. What’s up with that kids?!

I’ve had many reactions to people learning about how I choose to eat. The most interesting thing to me is the strong opinions I’ve encountered along the way. Upon learning that I choose not to eat meat, I’ve had several people say things such as, “at least you’re not vegan, ugh”, “please don’t become vegan”, and “why in the world would you want to do that to yourself”. How odd.  Continue reading


16 Sep

All at once,
the world can overwhelm you.
There’s almost nothing that you could tell me,
that could easy my mind.
—Jack Johnson, “All At Once”

One of the transformations I’ve made over the past year is my desire to just keep things simple, stupid. Not that I ever purposively meant to be complicated or overwhelmed with stuff, of course. At one point after our separation, I became extremely overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that we had in our house. While it was difficult for him to move out, he was able to do so without thinking about all of the stuff he was leaving behind. Much of this stuff has been sitting in our office, guest bedroom, and garage since we moved into our house. It was just something that we both avoided dealing with. Afterall, who wants to deal with a bunch of crap?

poster for the TV show Hoarders

Sometimes I watch this show to remind myself that it could be WAY worse

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