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The Human Advice Complex

9 Jan

Over my Christmas vacation I was talking with my parents about some of my goals and hopes for the future. The conversation turned to my career. Somewhere during this conversation, our communication broke down. I was trying to tell them my plans for the future and they were trying to give me some guidance. The conversation really broke down when my dad just kept repeatedly saying “you don’t listen to me.” His frustration was obvious.

Unfortunately this is where our conversation ended. I wasn’t willing to then try and listen to him, which caused more frustration from him. Here’s what I didn’t say and should have: “you don’t listen to me” was a favorite phrase of my ex.  He liked to utilize it often. He used it at the most inopportune times. Rather than offering a shoulder to cry on. Rather than expressing empathy. Rather than just being there for me with his support. The immediate response was always “you don’t listen to me.” Hearing these words from my dad in exactly the same tone made me snap. Well that was part of it.

The other part? Who in the hell asked you for your opinion in the first place?!

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Unconditional Love

8 Sep

About four years ago a little munchkin came into my life and forever changed me. I fell completely head over heels in love with this fella.

[Buddy’s baby picture here]

I didn’t realize at the time that I would soon become one of those “crazy” doggie parents. I absolutely have and I make no apologies.

Buddy has been my steady companion for four years. He was there for me when my husband was deployed. He was there for me during lonely weekends when I didn’t have many friends. He’s been there to lick away my tears, cuddle in my bed, and put a smile on my face every single day. Every day. Guaranteed. He’s gotten me through a divorce. Some days he was the only reason I could get out of bed.

Sometimes people make comments that I love him too much. How is that even possible? Just look at that face!

my dog in the grass

Buddy in the summer of 2011

I really believe this dog saved my life. When times were so difficult in my marriage I had Buddy who loved me no matter what. He reminded me that I am loved, needed, and wanted. When so many pieces of myself had disappeared, he found the parts of me that make me me.

Buddy taught me the meaning of unconditional love.

He loves me on my bad days. He loves me when I first wake up in the morning. He loves me even if he doesn’t get a walk one day. He loves me if I accidentally feed him an hour late. He loves me when I yell at him to stop barking. That dog loves me for me. He still wines when I leave and jumps with joy when I return. He loves me.

And I absolutely love and adore him. I love him when he’s barking and waking up the neighborhood. I love him when he has an accident in the house. I love him when he escapes and runs at top speed through the neighborhood while I’m chasing him. I love him when he gives me that look that he knows he’s up to no good. I love him regardless of whether he’s being good or on the rare occasions he’s being bad. I see his good side and his bad. I love him anyway.

If all of this makes me a crazy dog person, then so be it.

[picture of us both here]

Unconditional love,