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World Vegan Day

1 Nov

Today is World Vegan Day! Celebrate!

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I’m not completely vegan, but I believe we all have a vegan in us that’s just hibernating. It’s up to you to get her out! Lately I’ve noticed that when I’m at home I cook without animal products. This is just something that’s naturally occurred over time and that I enjoy. When I go out, however, I’ll partake in animal products without guilt or worry over whether there’s milk hiding somewhere in a dish (random vent: why do people feel the need to put milk or butter in everything under the sun!? there are better ways!) What I’d like to discuss today though is really just the negative reactions that this lifestyle seems to produce. What’s up with that kids?!

I’ve had many reactions to people learning about how I choose to eat. The most interesting thing to me is the strong opinions I’ve encountered along the way. Upon learning that I choose not to eat meat, I’ve had several people say things such as, “at least you’re not vegan, ugh”, “please don’t become vegan”, and “why in the world would you want to do that to yourself”. How odd.  Continue reading


Food, Glorious Food

6 Sep

I love food. Who doesn’t really? But I mean, I seriously LOVE food. I’ve never been much of a cook or had much interest in it, but I’ve found myself taking more of an interest within the last 6 months or so. That’s because somewhere along the way I decided it just felt right to be vegetarian.

This decision really came about just out of curiosity. I thought I would begin by just eating less meat and then see where it goes. Where it went was to a place of total passion about food and the lifestyle.

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One of my favorite websites

I’ve never been a steak eater; just didn’t like it. I’ve never like seafood. Okay, well honestly there are 2 types I like – fried calamari and fried clam strips. See a pattern there? I’m pretty sure it’s more about the fried coating and dipping sauce than it is about the actual seafood. And the number of times I ate these foods was probably twice a year, if that.  My meat consumption consisted of mainly chicken mixed in with some turkey and the occasionally cheeseburger. Oh, and some bacon. I love bacon. But even so, I didn’t eat a lot of meet and rarely cooked it at home. I wanted to see if a change would really be that big of a deal.

I began eating less meat, which then moved quickly to only getting meat if I was eating out. Never cooking it at home. Soon that became trying more vegetarian options in restaurants and soon I found that it had been weeks since I had had any meat. During this experiment I was doing more and more research on the topic and read several books, 2 of which were Veganist by Kathy Freston and In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. Throughout my research I became more and more devoted to this new way of eating and living. And then somewhere along the way it became not only a health issue but also an ethical one. I found that in my research I had to skip the parts that discussed animal welfare and how animals were treated when there soul purpose in life was to end up on my plate. I just couldn’t read it. Finally I faced the fact that I couldn’t read about it for a reason – I knew it was wrong.

I had one of those rare moments of true clarity one day. I was sitting down and Buddy was at my feet. There was this precise moment where we looked at each other and it was as if we were speaking without saying a word, or even the same language. If I believe my dog has a soul and is worth the love and compassion I give him, then why would I ever think any other animal is any different? It suddenly seemed completely ludicrous. In that moment I knew I would be vegetarian for life. I could no longer pretend to ignore the sacrifice that another living being was making by being on my dinner plate.

my dog Buddy

Just look at that face! We speak the same language.

There are many other reasons to become vegetarian, but I’m not one to preach. I’m just focused on telling my story. I do occasionally encourage my family to try various meatless options because I love them and want what’s best for them. I truly believe eating this way is what’s best for our bodies. Of course there are many other things to consider, which is a post for another day. But overall, if you eat a diet of plants and whole foods, you will be healthy.

So this vegetarian lifestyle has become one I’m passionate about. And no, it’s not that difficult. Yes, I get enough protein. No, I am not alone. I’m also not a crazy hippie type… yet. I can see a revolution happening in this country! My own revolution is leading me closer to a vegan appetite myself. I’m primarily vegan at home, but going out to resteraunts and to friend’s houses proves rather difficult in this aspect. And that’s okay. I’m feeling my way. Doing what makes me feel good about my health, my choices, and my love of animals. But yes, I miss bacon.

Love and plants,

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